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Misting Bearded Dragons: How To Mist a Bearded Dragon?

Misting Bearded Dragons: How To Mist a Bearded Dragon?

There are many important aspects of owning a bearded dragon such as housing considerations, feeding regimins, heating and lighting techniques.  While there are so many things to think about when caring for a bearded dragon, one is tempted to overlook how much water yourbearded dragon is drinking.

How to mist a bearded dragon?

Misting is easy to do.  First get a spray bottle that will spray a fine mist and fill it with room temperature water. Then mist your dragons head with the spray bottle until you noticing them lapping at the water. You can even mist the sides of the cage and cage decor such as rocks.

As with all living animals, water is essential for life. Without water and we would be only about a quarter of the person we once were, considering our own bodies are made up of mostly water. This is true with most living animals.

I know that bearded dragons live in the desert and have adapted to a dry and arid land, but they still need water. Bearded dragons are more adapt then us at preserving and getting water into their system, but we still must make sure they don’t get dehydrated.

Keeping a bearded dragon hydrated isn’t all that hard. After all, they really don’t drink that much water and most of them don’t even notice standing water. So, how do we get water to our bearded dragon? There are different methods to do this and I’m going to go over some of them here.

Misting Bearded Dragons

Misting seems to be a very common way of getting water to young bearded dragons. While it does a decent job, I have found it lacking a little.  What is misting? It’s kind of like it sounds but it’s still different than how it applies to other reptiles that need high humidity.

Misting is basically spraying a fine mist of water onto your dragon’s head in cage fixtures so they can drink the water droplets. Don’t be tempted to use a misting system or waterfall  in your dragon’s cage. These aren’t made to be used with bearded dragons. Just because they are in the reptile section of the pet store doesn’t mean they are made for every reptile pet.

I have recently had questions about humidity in a bearded dragons cage. Bearded dragons don’t need high humidity and usually the humidity in your home is good enough. If you live in a hot and sticky area you might need to do something to keep the humidity down, but generally an air conditioner will do this for you.

Don’t think that it has to be bone dry either. If your home gets overyly dry because of air conditioning or heating, your bearded dragon will benefit from regular baths that will help get them moisture for their skin.

High humidity isn’t a friend of bearded dragons. It can cause respiratory conditions with them and this is one reason  I don’t like to use misting to get water to my bearded dragons.  Another reason is I found when I did mist my dragons they would get water on a hit an miss basis. Sometimes they wouldn’t get water at all.

I’m not totally against this method and a lot of people get great results with it. I guess it just comes down to personal opinion for me and I prefer another method. Is the method I use better? Not really, but it works better for me.

Don’t get carried away when misting. The goal is to get water to your dragons and not raise the humidity levels in their cage.

Using a Medicine Dropper

Using a medicine dropper is probably my most preferred way of getting water to my dragons. I find that it’s the easiest for me and I can actually see my dragons drinking. This does a lot to ease a dragon owners mind about this issue.

To use this method you’ll need either a medicine dropper or needle less syringe. Take the medicine dropper and suck up some room temperature water with it. After you filled it with water use it to put a little drop on the tip of your dragons mouth. Most of the time the droplet will stay there all by itself.

If your dragon is thirsty they will usually start to drink the water. When they start to lap the water you can offer more until they have had enough. Don’t worry they will let you know when they’ve had enough.

Don’t worry if they don’t drink every time you offer water. There are many times my bearded dragons don’t want anything to do with water. I’ve noticed that my older dragons don’t drink as much as my younger dragons. Most of the baby dragons will drink at least once a day, but my older dragons will go days without drinking water.

Using a Water Dish

Using a water dish for giving water to a bearded dragon is about as useless as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest. Don’t get me wrong, some bearded dragons will drink from a water dish, and I suspect that mine may have too. It just doesn’t seem like they drink from it very often. I have never seen one of my dragons drink from their water dish, but I have seen them run through and sit in it.

As fruitless as providing a water dish may be, I still keep one with fresh water in my dragons cages. The only benefit this might provide is my peace of mind.


I started out thinking this was going to be a short article. Ummm………I think I miscalculated. I sometimes drag on about things, but I like to cover all the bases.

Giving water to your bearded dragon is a very essential part of caring for them. I have learned that getting water for your dragons is as important as any other bearded dragon care topic.  Whatever  technique you use to water your dragons, make sure they are getting enough.

Also remember to not panic if they don’t drink every single day. Bearded dragons also receive water from the food they eat. Just keep offering it to them and I can almost guarantee they will drink.

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