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How Good are Rep-Cal Supplements?

How good are Rep-Cal calcium and vitamin reptile supplements? That’s a very good question and the answer is fairly simple. At least the answer is simple to me. I have been using Rep-Cal now for awhile and love the results of their products.

I don’t usually like to really endorse products, but there are some that I don’t think I could live without and Rep-Cal and Herptivite ( Rep-Cal’s vitmin supplement ) are couple of these products. They are some of the best bearded dragon and reptile supplements on the market.

Wow! What a glowing review, is Rep-Cal paying you to endorse their products? No, but I wish they were. Sadly, my endorsement is free.

There are very few products that I use for my bearded dragons, and would really give glowing reviews. Well, maybe there are more than I think, but Rep-Cal and Herptivite are two products that I think would be hard for any bearded dragon owner to live without.

Why do you need both Rep-Cal and Herptivite? Rep-Cal is just the calcium supplement that your bearded dragon needs and Herptivite is the vitamin supplement. The reason they are seperated is answered best by a quote from their website:

If we premixed the products,   the “beadlets” of beta carotene in Herptivite may possibly be damaged during manufacturing by the calcium in Rep-Cal.

You may notice that Herptivite uses beta carotene. They use this instead Vitamin A because beta carotene is an anti-oxidant that is converted into Vitamin A in a regulated way, so there is no threat of Vitamin A toxicity.

This really helps in case we accidentally overdose our bearded dragons on vitamin supplements. Don’t laugh or smirk, because this can happen. Nobody is perfect and everybody will make a mistake every now and then.

Rep-Cal is also phosphorus free. I’m not quite sure why this is a good thing but it is. I probably should do more research on this subject.

Are their better reptile supplements out there? Hmm…..there may be ones that are comparative, but I don’t think I would say better. All I know is I’m convinced at the benefits that these supplements give my dragons. All of my dragons are healthy, perky, good eaters and also show good color.

Oh yeah, Rep-Cal supplements will even help with the coloring of your dragon. Don’t expect a miracle. If you have a normal color dragon, chances are it won’t turn a different color. But if you have a color morph dragon, it may help restore it’s washed out color.

It’s hard to tell on my dragon’s, because they are all hypomelanistic x “marketed” leucistic with a little red, yelow, or orange color barely showing. Needless to say, they don’t “color up” that well.

If you need some more convincing, check out this quote:

……own and operate Callaway Herpetarium in Fulton, Missouri, which is a research and breeding facility with zoological displays open to the public.

After 10 years of success with Rep-Cal, I still exclusively use Rep-Cal on all the animals in the zoo displays and breeding facility. In the past several years, I have tested the effects of Rep-Cal products with isolated control groups of different species of animals. The animals that were given Rep-Cal had a higher percentage of reproduction.

Example 1: 4 1/2 year old Bearded Dragon Female (given Rep-Cal Calcium with Vit D3 and fed Rep-Cal’s Adult Bearded Dragon Food) this last year produced more than 75 eggs, all of which were fertile and hatched with 100% success rate.

Example 2: I also have an 18 month old female Bearded Dragon (given Rep-Cal Calcium with Vit D3 and fed Rep-Cal’s Adult Bearded Dragon Food) in the collection who laid a clutch of 42 eggs this year.

Example 3: 9 month old Bearded Dragon female (given Rep-Cal Calcium with Vit D3 and raised on Rep-Cal’s Juvenile Bearded Dragon Food) who laid a total of 45 eggs this season which were all fertile and had 100% hatch rate.

This some interesting stuff. I have good success with egg laying and hatch rates too, but I really never attributed it to Rep-Cal. I thought it was just my great husbandry ( ha, ha, ha ).

Seriously though, Rep-Cal and Herptivite are great products to have and use for your bearded dragon(s). I think using these products are on of my success tips, which I need to write more of. It seems I get caught up with other things some times.


To make a long story short, your bearded dragon(s) need calcium and vitamin supplementation, unless your dragons are eating commercial bearded dragon food regularly. There aren’t many better than Rep-Cal and Herptivite. They truly are on my must have bearded dragon supplies list.

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