Bearded Dragon Tank Size

In this article we will explore the different factors that determine the proper size of your bearded dragon tank. We will discuss factors such as the temperature, humidity, and lighting of your tank. This will help you keep your bearded dragon happy, healthy, and comfortable. Choosing the right size Choosing the right bearded dragon tank […]

Choosing the Best Basking Bulb For Bearded Dragons

Choosing the best basking bulb for bearded dragons is an important decision to make if you want your pet to be comfortable. The bulb you choose should provide the right amount of heat for the temperature inside your home. It should also be safe for your pet to stay in. If your pet isn’t comfortable, […]

Best Bearded Dragon Hideout

There are certain things that you should keep in mind when selecting a bearded dragon hideout, whether you are a novice in keeping bearded dragons or you are an experienced bearded dragon owner. The best hideout for bearded dragons is a shelter that will offer your dragon a comfortable place to hide out and a […]

3 Best Calcium Sand For Bearded Dragon

Choosing the best calcium sand for bearded dragon’s tank is crucial to the health of your pet. There are a few varieties on the market, including Reptisand, Fluker’s Repta, Zoo Med Reptile Calcium, and more. These brands all offer different benefits to your pet. Using the right sand will help your beardie stay healthy and […]

Lighting guide for a bearded dragon

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Bearded dragons like many other reptiles have specific lighting requirements that can be really confusing, especially for new owners that don’t have previous experience. Because of that reason, having a good understanding when it comes to lighting the space of your bearded dragon is very important. You should know there are plenty of options when […]

How to tile for bearded dragon tank

Bearded Dragon

We all know that Bearded Dragons are coming from Australia where dry conditions and hot climate are standard. Because of that reason bearded dragon owners are always looking for add-ons that will make the life of their pet a lot easier and more comfortable. Buying a substrate for your bearded dragon pet is not a […]

Red Bearded Dragons | Their Habitat and Care Guide

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Bearded Dragons are part of the Agamid Lizards family and most of these species are called dragons. The bearded dragons live to their name because they are actually covered and equipped with armor or better said spiny reptilian scales. Those scales additionally include a “beard” which are the spikes that are under the lizard chin […]

Red Light for Bearded Dragon Habitats | Good or Bad?

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Red light is often recommended for bearded dragons, as it is said to help them regulate their body temperature. While this may be true, this light can also be harmful to bearded dragons if used in the wrong way. So, should you be using a red light for bearded dragons? The answer to that question […]