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Exo-Terra Bearded Dragon Food Review

Last month I reviewed Zoomeds Bearded Dragon Food. This month I will review another commercial bearded dragon food made by Exo-Terra.

I had given Exo-Terra’s bearded dragon food a try recently.

Anyway, I decided to give the dragon food a try. There was a lot of food in the bag, and it lasted me quite a while. I have to say that I really love Exo-Terras packaging.

The looks of the bag alone might make you want to try it. I guess that’s the point with marketing, and it works! I was also impressed by all the information given on the side of the bag. It doesn’t take much to humor me.

I don’t know if I got a good feeding response from my dragons or not on this particular food. They would seem to eat some of the food every now and then.

Then again, they would scatter a lot of it inside their cages. I’m not quite sure why they did this. Maybe it’s some primitive form of communication? Naw, I think they just like to run through their food dishes.

I would let my dragons free feed on the food. I put a little in their food dish every morning and if my dragons got hungry they could eat some. They seemed to pass over it mostly, but there were some instances when they would eat some of it.

The food contains very little moisture, so you can add some if you like. You can use either water or 100% fruit juices to add moisture. I used water and a misting bottle to spray a little of the water on the food to moisten it up.

You don’t have to add moisture, but the package even says that your dragon may have a hard time picking it up when dry.

Like most bearded dragon foods, on the market, Exo-Terra’s comes jam-packed with vitamins and minerals. If you fed your dragon this food exclusively, you wouldn’t need much in the way of supplements.

I don’t recommend feeding commercial diets exclusively though. It is still good to feed supplemented prey items every now and then. This is just my opinion. I have heard of some people having good success with feeding a dry food exclusively. Even though it can be done, it’s nice to give your dragon a variety of food items.


Would I recommend this product? Yes. Do I use it myself? No.

Even though I don’t use this food myself, it is a good choice if you are looking to buy a commercial bearded dragon food. I have used it, and it did fairly well.

I have went back to Zoomeds food since, but Exo-Terra’s food is by no means bad. It really is a preference thing. Sometimes it takes a beardie awhile to get used to something new. They might not even touch it for a time.

This is definitely a quality bearded dragon food made by a quality pet supply company. I don’t hesitate in trying anything that Exo-Terra makes, at least not yet anyway. If you are in the market for a bearded dragon food, this is a good choice.

I give Exo-Terra Bearded Dragon Food a 3.5 out 5 rating.

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