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Using a Ceramic Heater for Bearded Dragons

A ceramic heater is an optional accessory for your bearded dragon’s cage. If you can not maintain a good temperature from basking lamps, these will provide a great additional heat source.

Ceramic reptile heat emitters can also be used if you want to provide a little warmth at night or during the day. If your home gets cooler than mid to high 60º F ( 16º C ) at night, it would be good to provide an additional heat source. These make great additional heat sources.

A ceramic reptile heat emitter is a heating device that screws into a standard porcelain incandescent light socket ( a.k.a. a clamp light ). It is important that you use a lamp fixture with a porcelain socket, because of the high heat produced by an emitter will melt metal and plastic ones. It may even cause a fire.

Porcelain reptile heat emitters give off intense infrared heat, but emit no light. When paired with a thermostat they are a great additional heat source. You don’t need a thermostat, but they make life a whole lot easier.

These are extremely helpful with cages that are open air like Reptariums or bigger cages. It will help raise the air temperature of your enclosure 10 to 20 degrees above room temperature.

These can be found at local pet stores or reptile suppliers online. They may seem a little pricey, but some emitters last from two to five years. It’s a really good return on your initial investment. You’ll also need a porcelain socket lamp fixture, if you use one of these.

If you have a very large cage or need a little extra heat to go along with your basking light(s), a ceramic heater is a great option. If you don’t have the initial investment for the heater, you can also use a red heat light. I have used red heat lights at night when temperatures would dip in my house. Though, I’d prefer something that didn’t give off light. The red light isn’t supposed to disturb a bearded dragons sleep, but it sure does hurt my eyes.


You might not need a ceramic heater for your bearded dragon’s cage, but the option is always there. They are a great way to provide some extra warmth for your bearded dragon.

I also want to note that these should be used only as a secondary heat source and not a primary. A clear basking heat light should be the primary source.

If you can obtain a good temperature with just basking lights and your house doesn’t get too cold at night, you really won’t need one of these. For the most part, I only use basking light bulbs in my bearded dragon cages.

I have not had to use a ceramic heater yet with any of my bearded dragons. Though, the option is always there if I have to.

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