best toys for bearded dragons

There are a number of different toys available for your Bearded Dragon. These can range from cat wands to laser pointers. Some of the best options for a Beardie are also safe to use. We recommend you buy your Beardie a laser toy and play with it at least once per week.

Laser pointers

One of the best toys for bearded dragons is a laser pointer. It is highly stimulating for beardies and will keep them entertained for several minutes. However, it is important to remember that laser pointers can cause stress to your beardie, so it is important to use caution when using one. It is also best to limit laser pointer play to five to ten minutes.

One of the biggest downsides of laser pointers for bearded dragons is that they tend to wear out quickly. Due to their frequent use, they can last only a few months. Keeping your beardie entertained is a good way to improve the quality of their life.

Laser pointers are great bearded dragon toys, but they can also harm the eyes. For this reason, you should always point the laser at the floor or a few inches away from the bearded dragon to avoid damage. Other bearded dragon toys include colorful Mylar Crinkle Balls and small rubber ducks. Laser pointers are best used once or twice a week.

Another great toy for bearded dragons is a ball pit enclosure. These enclosures will provide the Bearded Dragon with a comfortable hiding place and provide an entertaining way to move from side to side. In addition, they can also be placed inside a bearded dragon habitat. If you are going to use these toys in your bearded dragon’s habitat, make sure to secure them in place.

Aside from providing stimulation for your beardie dragon, toys also provide enrichment. Bearded dragons need stimulation and exercise to stay healthy and happy. Even if they are not specifically designed for them, they can still enjoy playing with toys as long as they are safe. You can also make your own beardies’ toys to give them a little fun.

Cat wands

Cat wands are a fun and effective way to stimulate your bearded dragon. Similar to cat toys, these toys have a feather or sparkly paper at the end to attract your dragon’s attention. Once your dragon spots the wand, he’ll move to catch it. Be careful, though, because the feathers and paper can cause harm to your beardie. Some of these toys also have teasers that your beardie can chase.

Toys are also beneficial for bearded dragons because they provide exercise and stimulate their senses. A stuffed toy can stimulate your beardie’s natural hunting instinct, which will make it more active. In addition, a cat wand is fun to play with, and you should give your beardie treats and food rewards for playing with it.

Laser pointers are another fun option for beardie owners. These toys can be used to lure your beardie into thinking that a bug is nearby and start chasing it. Be sure to use these toys sparingly, though, because if they’re used too often, your beardie will catch on and get bored.

While worms are great fun, they’re not great for your beardie. Be sure to purchase a toy without metal claps on the end, which can snag a claw or choking hazard. Also, choose a toy that is smaller than your bearded dragon’s usual size.

Feather cat toys can also help your beardie keep active. SmartyKat Frisky Flyer Feather Cat Wand is a fun option because it features real feathers, a flexible rod, and extra-long. It comes with two feathers. However, unlike real feathers, the Feather Cat Wand does not come with replacement feathers.

Small animal tunnels

If you’re looking for a fun way to keep your Bearded Dragon entertained, try a small animal tunnel. These are great for a variety of reasons, including bonding with your pet. They are also cheap and easy to make. Many bearded dragon owners choose to hide food in the tunnels to encourage their bearded dragons to explore. This works best with multiple tunnels in a single tank.

Bearded dragons love to “hang out” with their keepers, so using a small animal tunnel is the perfect way to engage them in their favorite activities. They may even chase their wands through the tunnel, which can give you hours of fun! Make sure to install the tunnel in an open space, though, so it does not take up the entire space in the vivarium.

Small animal tunnels can also be used as toys for bearded dragons. Instead of a traditional toy, you can buy a cat-sized tunnel, and leave it out for your bearded dragon to explore. You can also place insects inside the tunnel to keep your pet active and satisfied. Just be sure to watch what happens to the insects inside.

In addition to the toys you can buy for your beardie dragon, small animal tunnels are fun for both of you! These toys are inexpensive, safe, and will keep your beardie busy. Besides keeping your beardie engaged, these toys also provide enrichment for their mind and body. Many beardies do not have enough room to run around, so toys are a great way to encourage them to stay active and healthy. By playing, they’ll burn off any extra calories they may have been storing up.

While a beardie may not like the same toys as humans, it does love playing with different toys. You’ll need to be patient and wait for the beardie to take an interest in one or more toys. A colorful toy is more likely to catch your beardie’s interest.

Crinkle balls

Crinkle balls are an excellent choice for bearded dragons as they offer the lizard auditory stimulation and entertainment. The colorful balls can be made at home and are inexpensive. They provide hours of entertainment for your beardie. Not only do they provide your beardie with much needed mental stimulation, but they also help improve its overall health.

The best toys for bearded dragons are small, lightweight, and durable. These toys are easy to clean and can be found in a variety of colors. Another option for stimulating your beardie dragon is a laser pointer. This is a fun way to keep your dragon entertained because your pet will chase the ball because it looks like a bug.

A cat toy is also a great choice for your beardie. The multicolored stripes are sure to attract your Beardie’s attention. You can also get an artificial mouse for your pet, but make sure there are no feathers or loose parts. They could be chewed and get sick. Also, make sure the toys are lightweight and made of materials that are safe for your beardie. Crinkle balls are also a good option for playing with your beardie.

A laser pointer is another great choice for your beardie’s toys. They are inexpensive and easy to find. Just make sure you point it at a surface a few inches away so that the beardie doesn’t accidentally touch it. Also, avoid using laser pointers too often, as your beardie may get bored with the noise.

Keeping your beardie active is essential for his well-being. Providing toys keeps your beardie entertained and keeps it from becoming bored. If you’re worried about spending money on expensive toys, you can make your own toys. They are inexpensive and can be fun for both of you.


Floaties are inexpensive and safe toys for bearded dragons. These aquatic toys can help your pet relax during bath time. They can also serve as a perch or rest area for your beardie. These toys are safe for all reptiles, amphibians, and arachnids.

Bearded dragons don’t have a lot of space to roam, so they can easily become bored and sedentary. A variety of bearded dragon toys can help them keep their minds active and prevent boredom. These toys will also help them get plenty of exercise, which can be important for their health.

The best toys for bearded dragons can be made from various materials. One of the most popular materials for beardie toys is tennis balls, although you can also use golf or white transparent balls for this purpose. Cut holes in these balls with sticky tape and give your beardie a ball to play with.

Bearded dragons love to play and enjoy enrichment activities. These toys can improve your beardie’s cognitive plasticity, which helps it survive in the wild. They also enjoy swimming in kiddie pools. However, you must keep in mind that different beardie species may have different preferences and play differently.

What are the benefits of using bearded dragon toys?

Bearded dragon toys offer much needed enrichment. They help stimulate the mind and prevent boredom. Another important benefit of toys is that they promote exercise (exercise and fun).

Why are toys important for the bearded dragon?

In their natural habitat, bearded dragons can roam and hunt as they please, this allows them to move around a lot. If your bearded dragon no activity, it will likely have a shortened lifespan. Toys can help dispel boredom and encourage bearded dragons to exercise, which is necessary for a long life.
A happy pet is a healthy pet.