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Bearded Dragon Habitat : Using a Tank to House a Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon Habitat : Using a Tank to House a Bearded Dragon

A bearded dragon tank is probably the most popular habitat option that’s used as an enclosure. It’s by no means the “best” housing option, but it’s far from being the worst. It’s actually a very good choice as a home for your bearded dragon.
Using a bearded dragon tank (or aquarium) to house your bearded dragon is a great choice. If you don’t have the carpentry skills to build your own cage or can’t shell out huge amounts of money for a pre-built custom cage, than this just might be the housing option for you.

I really like tanks for housing bearded dragons. If done just right, you can make a beautiful desert vivarium in your living room.

There is something that I really like about an all glass dragon cage. I still remember getting ready for my first bearded dragon. I used a tank for my first dragons home. Well, only temporarily. I quickly upgraded to building my own cage, but that’s another page.

Though I didn’t even have a dragon yet, I would turn on the cage lights and stare into the tank. Needless to say, I was very excited about getting my first bearded dragon.

What are the advantages?

Well, there are quite a few advantages of using a bearded dragon tank. I guess the first one is, it’s easy to heat. This in itself is a huge advantage.
There are numerous products on the market that are made for heating bearded dragon tanks. Under the tank heaters are the most notable.

These heaters are made specifically for glass tanks. Try sticking one of those to the bottom of your do-it-yourself cage. It just doesn’t work.

There are also reptile lighting hoods made for tanks that really accent the tank well. These look a whole lot better than just having a dome lamp and cheap florescent fixture sitting on top of a tank. There is nothing wrong with doing that, however. I have done it myself.

A second advantage is being able to see inside the vivarium really well. There is nothing easier to look through than glass, and with a bearded dragon tank the whole thing is glass.

The glass also allows the cage to get light from outside sources. One of the things you don’t want is a drab and dreary cage. Not only is a dreary cage unpleasant to look at it directly affects your dragon’s demeanor and health.

There are quite a few dragons that will not eat properly if their cage is not bright and lit properly. Bearded dragons are diurnal and sun loving creatures. They thrive when their homes are brightly lit.

Another advantage is, you can buy an tank from just about any pet store. They also come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, and there are stands made specifically to set tanks on.

Some of the tank stands are gorgeous. If you have ever walked through Petsmarts tank section, you know what I’m talking about.

They have a huge selection of draw dropping tanks. While I think most of the tanksare awesome, I can’t afford most of them.

Even though there are different shapes and sizes of tanks, we still have to use a size and shape that benefits our dragons. The best tanks are long and wide.

Tall tanks without enough floor space aren’t good choices. Bearded dragons are semi-arboreal and love to run around in their cages.

Cleanliness is yet another feature of using a bearded dragon tank. Since they are made of mostly glass or acrylic they are easy to clean and disinfect.

The fact that they are made out of non-porous material makes them great for keeping clean. You can also keep the outside just as clean as the inside.

This is great if you have little hands in your home that need to touch everything. I’m mainly talking about little children here. If you have little hands yourself, I apologize for the confusion. (My humor kind of takes you off guard doesn’t it?)

What are the drawbacks?

With all these positive things that I have written about bearded dragon tanks, one would think I was endorsing them. Well they are a great choice, but there are some drawbacks. The biggest thing that pops into my head is money.

While a baby dragon (under 5″) can be housed temporarily in a 10-gallon tank, they won’t be able to stay in there for long. You will eventually need a 55-gallon tank or larger. I prefer to go a little larger.

If you have ever priced bigger tank, you know that they are not cheap. Sure they’re beautiful and are great homes for a bearded dragon, but if you’re like me money is an object. If you are on a tight budget, it might be hard to find the cash for a big tank.

Another drawback was also an advantage. tanks are all glass, well most are anyway. How’s this a drawback? Your dragon might not feel secure in an all glass home.

If you do use a bearded dragon tank, it would be good to have some sort of background on the back of the tank. This will help a little to ease your dragon’s insecurities.

If you have a home that has a lot going on, like toddlers running around screaming (sometimes at the top of their voice) most of the day, than an tank might not be the best housing option. I can only imagine what my dragons think of my toddler.

Bearded dragons can also see their reflection sometimes in the glass. This might be a drawback if you have a nervous, skittish or aggressive dragon. That about covers most dragons.

A nervous or skittish dragon will be frightened by its reflection. On the other hand, an aggressive dragon might try to attack.

If you have ever seen your dragon puff its beard up, I suspect that it is from seeing its reflection. I cannot prove this, but I have noticed that most times when my dragons puff their beards out they seem to be staring at their reflection.

However, my male dragon, Romeo, used to puff his beard out at me when I would try to handle him, thus bursting my theory on reflections.

To counter reflections there are tanks made by Oceanic that aree specifically for reptiles. These tanks don’t reflect like a regular tank. They have a slightly dark tint that keeps reflection and glare to a minimum.

Most of them also come with their own custom hoods. The drawback is, these bearded dragon tanks are expensive, but they’re probably well worth the money.


Well I think that I have expounded enough on using a bearded dragon tank for an enclosure. I probably could ramble on a lot more, but I’ll save that for some newsletter articles.
In short, I think that using a tank to house your bearded dragon is an excellent option if you have the money.

There are so many great products on the market for bearded dragon tank setups and also many great aquariums.

If you get a tank that is big enough to house a bearded dragon, I don’t think you can go wrong. As I said earlier this is probably the most popular bearded dragon housing option, and it’s popular for a reason.

There are many advantages of using a bearded dragon tank. The biggest disadvantage is the price point. A bearded dragon tank is, however, cheaper than a lot of custom-made cages on the market. The choice of what you house your dragon in is up to you. This information is just here to help guide you along.

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