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Bearded Dragon Health: Bearded Dragon Injuries

Bearded dragon injuries are one of those things that are preventable, but sometimes occur no matter what.

Bearded dragon owners can do everything in their power to make sure that their dragon is safe and things can still happen. Even with prevention it only takes a slight mishap to make it seem like it was all for nothing.

You can prevent most bearded dragon injuries by  handling them with care, making sure there’s nothing sharp around your dragon, and keeping it away from other pets you might own.

If you have two or more dragons, they might also be prone to nipping at each other. If housing two dragons together, it is best to have only one male per cage.

Injuries can be taken care of by using pressure to stop bleeding, if there is any. Then the wound(s) can be cleaned with water and an antiseptic.

Make sure to keep the wound clean. You can also use a triple antibiotic ointment to help aid the healing process. If wounds don’t show signs of healing, don’t stop bleeding, or are infected, it is time to get your dragon to a veterinarian for diagnoses and treatment.

Abscesses and Burns

Abscesses are small wounds that go untreated and become infected. These are serious, because they harbor bacteria and toxins. If these go untreated, they will rupture and lead to septicemia (Mazorlig, Bearded Dragons, 1998). These kinds of injuries need immediate veterinarian help.

Burns will occur if your dragon gets to close to its basking lamp or you have a malfunction with one of your heating devices.

Make sure that your dragon cannot touch their basking lamp. If able to they will press their body against the light and not know that they are being burned.

Also, check your heating equipment every now and then to make sure that it is properly working.

Burns, depending on severity, will require a veterenarian visit. Dehydration and shock go along with burns, as well.


Bearded dragon injuries can occur when you least expect it. There are measures you can do to prevent these from happening, but sometimes even with the best prevention they can still occur.

Some injuries can be treated by you, and others will require you to see a vet.

Injuries can happen, but not every dragon will experience them. You might go the whole life cycle of your dragon without them being injured.

Don’t get too worried about things that can go wrong. Give your dragon the best possible care you can and you shouldn’t have any problems.

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