Bearded Dragon Resource Everything You Need to Know About Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons are very hardy animals and can thrive in captivity, but there are illnesses that may affect your dragon. Most bearded dragon health issues stem from poor husbandry, but not all. There are things that can’t be prevented sometimes.

This is where you will find information, articles and resources on bearded dragon health. Whether you’re looking for information on common illnesses like coccidia, metabolice bone disease or just need some help for your dehydrated dragon, you’ll find it here.

My Bearded Dragon Won’t Eat

There are many bearded dragon owners that look forward to feeding time. They love to see their beardies chase after crickets and devour them voraciously. This is actually one of the best parts of bearded…

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What Is Bearded Dragon Brumation?

Brumation is time of great concern and worry for some bearded dragon owners, especially new owners. This is a time when your dragon slows down and seems lethargic. Their appetite lessens and they…

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