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Hello, I want to take the time and introduce myself. If you are interested who is behind the scenes of this website, this is the page to read.

I think you’ll be shocked to learn that I am just a regular person, who happens to love bearded dragons. Who couldn’t love bearded dragons? They are a great reptile pet, and great pet overall.

I started this website because I saw a void pertaining to bearded dragon information that needed to be filled.

As you read the articles on this website you will notice that I am definitely on the side of the beginner.

Why have I done this? The reason is really simple. It is the beginner who needs the information and not the expert.

With this being said I still see myself as sort of a beginner, because it seeems like there is always new things to learn.

Most of the information on this website comes from experience and not from resources.

Reading all of the information that’s out there will give you knowledge, but going through experiences will give you wisdom. The experiences will make the things you have read make sense. Does that make sense?

I hope that this gives you hope as a bearded dragon owner or future dragon owner. Just say to yourself, “If this goober can take care of bearded dragons, then I can too!!”

It’s true. You can. You are just as able to provide care for a bearded dragon as anyone else, including me. Take this to heart and maybe someday you will be the “Grand Poobah” of bearded dragons. Viva la Grand Poobah!!

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