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Best Bearded Dragon Names

Bearded Red Dragon

What is a bearded dragon? Bearded Dragons are part of the Agamid Lizards family and most of these species are called dragons. The bearded dragons live to their name because they are actually covered and equipped with armor or better said spiny reptilian scales. Those scales additionally include a “beard” which are the spikes that […]

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18 Most Interesting Facts About Bearded Dragons

People who don’t have much experience with Bearded Dragons are often wondering about these popular lizards. There are a lot of unanswered questions and bearded dragon facts that will definitely grab your attention and make you wish, to learn more about them. In this article, we will provide you with some of the most interesting […]

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Bearded Dragon Care

The Sweet and Cuddly Bearded Dragon: An Owners Guide

My bearded dragons always sleep on me whenever I’m around.  They’re like dogs. They enjoy cuddling. My bearded dragon likes to sleep on me. She’s more like a human companion to me. She usually sleeps right on my face but she has recently started sleeping upside down wrapped around my neck, it’s quite cute! And […]

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Bearded Dragon Care

Why Is Your Bearded Dragon Shaking? A Comprehensive Guide

The bearded dragon is a type of lizard that is now regarded as the best lizard pet. Bearded dragons come in eight different species, but the inland or central bearded dragon is the most common, found in the desert to semi-arid southeastern portions of Australia; observing your bearded dragon’s behavior regularly is an essential way […]

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Bearded Dragon Care

Bearded Dragon Metabolic Bone Disease: A Complete Owner’s Guide

MBD, or Metabolic Bone Disease, is among the most common ailments in confined bearded dragons. MBD affects bearded dragons in a variety of ways, and it’s common for them to have a lot of pain in their bone frame. If you are a knowledgeable bearded dragon owner, you can detect these symptoms simply by observing […]

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Bearded Dragon Care

How Big Do Bearded Dragons Get? It May Surprise You

The Bearded Dragons are awesome creatures. Knowing how big these bad boys can get as a pet owner or an animal enthusiast is important. Besides interest, it is a cool topic to understand Beardies growth pattern and how big they can actually get being a Pet. Now, how big do bearded dragons get? Bearded Dragons […]

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Bearded Dragon Care

The Benefits of Red Light for Bearded Dragon Habitats

Red light is often recommended for bearded dragons, as it is said to help them regulate their body temperature. While this may be true, this light can also be harmful to bearded dragons if used in the wrong way. So, should you be using a red light for bearded dragons? The answer to that question […]

Bearded Dragons
Bearded Dragon Care

What Can Bearded Dragons Eat? The Ultimate Dos and Don’ts List

Bearded Dragons are found in the southeastern arid, semi-arid parts of Australia. They often find it hard to get a variety of foods because of scarcity. That makes them pretty easy to handle pets when it comes to feeding. Bearded Dragons are omnivorous, meaning they can easily consume both plant and animal-based foods. Because of […]